Pampish Let's Plays!

For the few of you who remember me and the even fewer of you still following me, you may be interested in knowing that I do plan on making a comeback to youtube. I have found a way over the one hurdle that was my primary reason for stopping before for the foreseeable future, and I have some new ideas I’d love to implement, I think I will use a new youtube account however and just leave this one. Expect to see a message here with more details and hopefully a youtube name in the upcoming weeks!

should something happen to it again please notify me!

haha probably my personal favourite thus far, not that there is much to compare to yet..

hi! just wondering, what games are you planning on doing let's plays for?

Well I like keeping specifics secret, but i do plan on doing Banjo Tooie and Paper Mario at some point, maybe a Pokemon game or a Castlevania one, I’m just starting so I have a lot of ambition haha. I do accept requests,so if there is something you would like to see I’d definitely put it into consideration!